Alleged "Ufo" "Abductions" are only HALLUCINATIONS.

Priscilla H Ballou phb at
Wed Feb 12 11:48:35 EST 1997

Claude de Contrecoeur* (cyrano at wrote:

: The USA has been submerged by bizarre accounts of "Ufo abductions"
: since the publishing of a book called "The Interrupted journey",more
: than 20 years ago.

: This  book gave the impetus for others to believe in such crazy
: stories...
: Movies such as the grotesque and childhish "X-Files" only spread these
: delusions.

First, "The X Files" is a TV show, not a movie.

Next, it is *entertainment*.  You know -- fantasy, escapism, like that.  Do 
you have trouble differentiating between fantasy and reality?



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