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More Co2 = less brains?

Jeroen Schaap Schaap at rullf2.medfac.leidenuniv.nl
Thu Feb 13 12:21:27 EST 1997

In article <Pine.SOL.3.95q.970210213113.8374A-100000 at suma3.reading.ac.uk>,
   "Richard." <smu96rje at reading.ac.uk> wrote:
:> Obviously, more atmospheric Co2 means less O2 available as
:> percentages of total gases.  I remember reading, quite some
:> time ago, that as the Co2 percentage goes up, the cognitive
:> abilities of man are decreased.
:Human beings only use 20% of the air they breathe in anyway so even if the
:percentage oxygen in the atmosphere halves (would require *HUGE* raise in
:CO2 levels) then we would still be okay.  

Pardon me, ever heard of dead volume? There are some reasons why we only use 
20%, as you say. By the way, this percentage is suspiciously close to 
atmospheric %O2.



:What i am saying is that unless there is a 3-4000%+ rise in CO2 levels we
:are safe! :)

This is my xx-th posting in this thread in 45 minutes. A lot of the *facts* 
;) irritate me because they conflict with my physiology books. Just now I see 
this is a thread cross-posted on comp.ai,sci.cognitive. Explains a lot. I refer 
for further information on CO2 pbp to any physiological handbook. 

A man conducting a gee-whizz science show with fifty thousand dollars' worth of
Frankenstein equipment is not doing anything scientific if he knows beforehand
what the results of his efforts are going to be. A motorcycle mechanic, on the
other hand, who honks the horn to see if the battery works is informally
conducting a true scientific experiment.

							Robert M. Pirsig

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