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More Co2 = less brains?

Jeroen Schaap Schaap at rullf2.medfac.leidenuniv.nl
Fri Feb 14 05:34:09 EST 1997

In article <v01540b01af28eddb9282@[]>,
   rhall at uvi.edu (Richard Hall) wrote:
:RLH writes-
:We have an instance of the blind leading the blind.  This string has been a

Oops... I am called blind...

:continuum of misinformation.  For example:

I do agree on the misinfo part.

:Patrick says "CO2 does not bind more tightly to hemoglobin than oxygen."
:Jerorem replies "I don't remember binding parameters [sic] for CO2 versus
:O2.  But one hemoglobin can bind 4 oxygen and only 1 CO2.
:Binding affinities and binding stochiometry are different parameters.
:Apples and oranges.

Totally true.. Thanks for correcting me if I was unclear.


To the point, it was said atmospheric CO2 influences brain mass or whatever. 
Patrick uses CO2 vs O2 binding to argue that atmospheric Pco2 influences blood 
Pco2. I am not so sure this is true. I'd rather say variations in atm Pco2 have 
little influence on blood pco2. Two reasons: "influx" co2 to blood consists of 
co2 produced in body, not of atmospheric co2. Two, pco2 in blood is in dynamic 
balance with carbonate. Blood is "carbonate-buffered", so to induce change in bl 
pco2 you need a large influx of co2. 

Maybe I am not clear enough. So I do agree with Richard when he refers to any 
textbook on physiology. 

Meanwhile I haven't heard any argumentation in favor of an influence of CO2 on 
brain mass. 



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