ISAN satellite Meeting, Modulation of Neurotransmission

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Mon Feb 17 15:55:47 EST 1997

Official Satellite meeting to
the International Society of
Autonomic Neurosciences 1997

Modulation of Neurotransmission

At Prince Henry's Institute of Medical Research
Melbourne, Australia
Sunday September 21, 1997

Invitation is extended to all scientists interested in the presynaptic 
mechanisms through which transmitter release can be modulated to attend
workshop.  The workshop will consist of free presentations, posters and
time for discussion.  Themes to be covered include:

	Presynaptic receptors and transmitter release
	*       Peripheral nervous system
	*       Central nervous system

	Signal transduction pathways and transmitter
	*       ion channels
	*       vesicle proteins
	*       second messengers

	Ischaemia and transmitter release
	*       heart
	*       central nervous system

The plenary lecturer is Professor Klaus Starke who is the Prince Henry's 
Institute Hudson Hoagland Fellow for 1997.

For further information please contact: 
H. Majewski, Prince Henry's Institute of Medical Research, P.O. Box
Clayton, Victoria, Australia.
Fax: +61 3 95506125; Phone: +61 3 95504389,
E-Mail: harry.majewski at

or see our web page at:

The local organising committee: H. Majewski, D. Story and I. Musgrave
forward to welcoming you to Melbourne in the Spring.

Ian Musgrave Ph.D, Prince Henry's Institute of Medical Research
PO Box 5152, Clayton 3168, Australia.
Phone +61 3 550 4286 FAX +61 3 550 6125
Lab: Ian.Musgrave at
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