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Book Review - The Cerebral Code

Diana Diamond ddiamond at shell01.ozemail.com.au
Wed Feb 19 18:30:40 EST 1997

On Wed, 19 Feb 1997, Harlan Harris wrote:

> In article <5eer9n$s0g at reader1.reader.news.ozemail.net> you write:
> >For a top-down view of cerebral coding see
> >http://www.ozemail.com.au/~ddiamond
> What? That's a I-Ching page. Are you trying to be funny, insulting, or both?
>  -Harlan

I suggest you go back and look at it *really* carefully Harlen.

THe I Ching part is a demonstration of the undelaying template upon which 
all metaphor is based. (for that is what the I Ching is, as well as 

Neurologically the brain deals with wholes and their aspects.
The psychology makes maps (metaphors) to categorise the wholes and their 
aspects. The primary tool used is that of dichotomisation that enables 
the creation of consensus maps. (otherwise all 'maps' would be too 
personalised to share).

The reason people find 'value' in the esoteric systems is because they 
are based on the proposed template. The 'problem' with these systems is 
that they are old metaphors that are often taken literally.

FYI there is also a section dealing with the dichotomous derivation of 
mathematics - the major 'tool' of dichotomous analysis, especially in a 
cartesian system which is dichotomous in form.

Go through it carefully Harlen - you could learn something. :-)


PS Neurology reference list is a link at the end of "the brain's way of 
dealing with wholes and their aspects" link.

There is an essay aimed at the esoterically-biased individuals in the 
essays page called "The logic of the esoteric".
It emphasises the metaphor aspect of these disciplines, all of which have 
dichotomous roots. 'meaning' comes from the template rather than the 
discipline and it is this that enables the making of analogies across 
apparently 'different' disciplines - all of which have dichotomous roots.

A couple of academics have asked me to split the material but to me that 
would defeat the purpose of showing the common ground (and the I Ching 
bias attracts more people! :-) The idea is to sow a seed in that by 
getting 'meaningful' results on the I Ching they will go deeper into the 
material and discover the structure of metaphor. For you, there is enough 
material there to read and still by-pass the esoteric if you wish but by 
getting into the I Ching as well you may start to 'see' what is 
happening; you start to see the mind at work.

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