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Brain Tumor Report/Lancet, February, l997/Aspartame

Betty Martini betty at noel.pd.org
Fri Feb 21 21:47:22 EST 1997

Elaine: just a note to get this in bionet.neuroscience.  Since we started
a brain tumor registry we would like to ask anyone who has a brain tumor
(or problems from aspartame) to please let us have their story.

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Date: Thu, 20 Feb 1997 13:04:18 -0500 (EST)
From: Betty Martini <betty at noel.pd.org>
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Subject: Re: Aspartame Expose Continuing

Hi Peter:  Dr. H. J. Roberts, world expert on aspartame, has just faxed me
his new article on aspartame and brain cancer which was in Lancet, the
most prestigious journals.  

One of the reports Dr. John Olney quoted when he made world news was Dr.
Roberts peer reviewed article on aspartame and brain tumors many years
ago.  Keep in mind, there is nothing unexpected.  We have a copy of the
secret trade information that was discussed during the congressional
hearings where it was stated that the phenylalanine in aspartame breaks
down to DKP (a brain tumor) and that they did not intend to tell the FDA
or they wouldn't approve it.  So they fed aspartame to rats and indeed
they developed brain tumors, astrocytomas.  Astrocytomas are the first
stage of the deadly glioblastoma, a very deadly malignant brain tumor.

I spoke to Dr. Olney and he said this is the real news, that glioblastomas
are now rampant in the population.  When I talked to someone about this
the escalation of brain tumors from a brain tumor association she said:;
"tell me about it, how about 600%"!

So if you have a product with a brain tumor agent, and the lab animals
develop brain tumors, obviously the population is going to do the same.
If it looks like a duck, waddles like a duck and hangs around with other
ducks, it probably is a duck!  Dr. Roberts has been writing about this for

Here is the article in Lancet dated Feb, l997:


"Sir Barnett's (Nov 23, p 1435) reference to a recent report suggesting
aspartame (NutraSweet) products as a cause of brain tumors, and the "blitz
of letters" from the manufacturer, warrants comment.  There was no mention
of more than a score of my publications over the past decade including two
books - in which I specifically raised this potential major public health
threat.  The evidence was reviewed in a peer reviewed article on whether
aspartame causes human brain cancer.  Emphasis was placed on the striking
rise of primary brain lymphoma, especially among women, in immunologically
normal persons within 1 year after aspartame because commercially
available.  An increase of more common brain cancers occurred after
aspartame was marketed in sodas and other products (July, l983).  

Additional pertinent information includes the demonstration of substantial
mutagenic activity by aspartame with a standard assay method, the
potential alterations of the MDM2 oncoprotein bound to the p53 tumour
suppressor transactivation domain by kphenylalanine and aspartic acid, the
two amino acid components of aspartame; and the steep rise of primary
lymphoma of the nervous system noted by Yau and colleagues' in
non-immunocompromised patients since l981.  I have documented other severe
neuropsychiatric reactions to aspartame products - most notably headache,
seizures, confusion and depression, and the probable acceleration of
Alzheimer's disease by apsartame products.  I believe that our society
faces a preventable medical disaster if aspartame products are not
promptly removed from public use."      H. J. Roberts,M.D.
There are 5 references but being a fax very small.  This report will be
added to web with references when I receive the original from Dr. Roberts.

I might add that 60 Minutes did interview Dr. Verrett, one of the senior
FDA toxicologists, when aspartame was originally approved.  Dr. Verrett
had said that the tests were worthless and should have been thrown out,
and if anyone has read any of the articles on web on the history you know
they were the target for an indictment for fraud that was not carried out
when the U.S. Attorney switched sides and went to work for the law firm
defending the case.  I'm very sorry that was not shown.  

However,  brain tumors is just one issue.  This is a product that changes
brain chemistry, destroys the central nervous system, the brain, the optic
nerve and triggers an irregular heart rhythm.  And last but not least
ravages every organ in the body.  Not only is the phenylalanine
genetically engineered but according to Alex Constantine in NutraPoison,
on our auto-responder and web, this was listed with the pentagon in an
inventory of prospective biochemical warfare weapons.

And there are several groups this poison is particularly deadly to like
diabetics.  Aspartame has wood alcohol in it!!!  We constantly expose the
ADA for taking money form Monsanto and endorsing this for diabetics which
have been sacrificed.  They even refused to publish Dr. Roberts abstract
on aspartame diabetic reactors and Dr. Roberts is a diabetic specialist!
It was published in Clinical Research.  The ADA is suppose to be there to
improve the health of diabetics and endorsing a poison for them is not
the way you do that.  The last disgraceful thing they did was write to the
individual ADA offices and tell them not to take Dr. Olney's report
seriously.  I guess you can't keep taking money from Monsanto and warn
people off their poison at the same time!

Also, consider pregnant women since aspartame is a teratogen and
neurotoxin as discussed by Dr. Louis Elsas (pediatric professor at Emory,
Genetics) in his testimony before congress.  Dr. Roberts says even a man
consuming aspartame at the time of conception can cause birth defects.
Dr. James Bowen says fetal tissue does not tolerate wood alcohol.  And
only last week a woman told me about three  women who gave birth to babies
without brains!  And Dr. Roberts book ASPARTAME  (NUTRASWEET) IS IT SAFE?
discusses how aspartame changes the menses and causes infertility.  Now in
June they approved this poison for everything in the grocery store -
BLANKET APPROVAL.  Its going to be hard to avoid it, it will saturate the
globe, and so many women may not know why they can't get pregnant.  And so
many who do when they are off of it may endure the sadness of these
horrible birth defects.  (many of these reports are on our auto-responder
and the Dorway web page, Mission Possible part)

What a crime against humanity!  

We do ask that everyone with a brain tumor who has used aspartame to send
us their story.  Dr. Roberts and Dr. Olney keeps these records as evidence
to the world.  Of course, we ask all who have a story to let us have it
with permission to publish.  

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