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Prickly Burning Sensation

Betty Martini betty at noel.pd.org
Mon Feb 24 16:42:11 EST 1997

Dear Dan:  Are you using NutraSweet which causes a prickly burning
sensation.  The phenylalanine (incidently genetically engineered) lowers
the seizure threshold of the brain and depletes serotonin. It has caused
an epidemic of manic depression.  

Could this be your problem?  If you're on aspartame and get off this
sensation will usually disappear in a few days.  It will take sometime for
the depression to leave but you should be much improved.

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On 6 Feb 1997, Dan Savage wrote:

> 3 Questions:
> 1.  What would cause a prickly/burning sensation similar to a niacin
> overdose but without the flushing.
> I'm taking moclobemide as an antidepressant.  When I don't take it, I get
> this sensation throughout my body.  I've read that serotonin is found in
> stinging nettle and can cause the same sensation.  
> 2.  Are there any books that have the location and receptor type of
> noradrenergic and serotonergic receptors in all parts of the brain and the
> body?
> Also
> 3.  Is there a test for MAO activity?
> 4.   I have taken moclobemide for 1.5 years with no problem and no upps
> and downs. Then within 4 days the medicine stopped working.  This
> coincided with two events.  A new batch of moclobemide ordered from
> Europe, and taking a b vitamin and zinc supplement -- not a mega dose, for
> 3 days?  What is the most likely culprit.  Nothing significant happened in
> my life to predicate the events.
> Normally I can tell when the moclobemide is not working because my nasal
> passages shrink.  Sort of like when you take sudafed.  But in this case,
> taking another dose of medicine had no effect?  I don't get it.  Could my
> body have suddenly changed within 4 days???
> Dan Savage

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