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>after thinking very carefully, James M. Connelly said .....
>>Very interesting.  All the instances you mention seem to be related
>>electromagnetic or ionic disturbances in your environment.  I once
>>tried an experiment: fitted rotating permanent magnets to a
>Sounds interesting do you have any plans designs you can share with
>I once saw a book with a "Magnetic PSI Enhancer" consisting of
>magnets arrayed around the body.  Which fits in with a pet theory of
>that all of the PSI type effects might be attributed to manipulation
of the
>Electro-magnetic spectrum.
>But haven't been able to find the book since.  
>You may have stumbled accross something similar.

Well, again, I would warn against exposing yourself to any slowly
fluctuating low level magnetic fields.  There was a series of New
Yorker articles a while back which told several instances of bad
effects from computer screen fly-back transformers, ELF radiation from
naval communication radio, high incidence of some types of cancer in
power linemen, and lukemia in children whos rooms were next to
step-down transformers out side their houses.  A non-responsive array
of permanent magnets would more likely mask these effects than not, I'd
think, anyway.

But, having said so much - the article seemed also to say that cells
exhibited sensitivity to such vibrations at a much lower level than was
expected by the biologists.  This would argue that such things as
laying-on-of-hands type healings and crystal attunements may have more
to them scientificly than is currently accepted.
>>tried different head placements & speeds of rotation (velcro &
>>rheostats) - made me very woozy and quite weird feeling.  But -
>>to have the after effect of making me more sensitive to magnetic
>>- went to a metal high-tension tower at night, and seemed able to
>>percieve force lines (spiraling upwards) from the insulators.  Also -
>>recently had to have an MRI - high gauss magnetic field diagnostic
>>procedure - and by virtue of previous magnetic experience was able to
>>(I think) feel the magnetic field and had quite strange visual images
>>produced while so influenced.  Ram's headed Egyptian figure - Khnum,
>>suppose.  But anyway, I have since learned that low level fluctuating
>>magnetic fields may cause cancer - so would advise staying away from
>>all such.
>>Interesting questions about dousing & ley lines  - also thought to be
>>connected to electrical and magnetic phenomena...
>>Bright Blessings   -  Jim Connelly  RRFTD  the rational wiccan

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