Visa card for grants accounting??

Dennis Templeton djt2 at
Thu Jan 2 14:54:55 EST 1997

We're trying to get our grants accounting office to provide more, shall we
say, "user friendly" service (i.e. an account update more recent than 90
days) and one idea was to have access to our grant funds through a
debit-card with a Visa, Mastercard, or other such service. I bet the
vendors would flip for this, being able to get their money faster than the
"net 30 days" hassle.

The credit card companies would then deliver an itemized listing at the
end of the month.

Does anyone out there have an accounting department that uses such a
system, or any other suggestions for "outside" servicing of university

I'd appreciate a report on how it works for you, and a contact number for
a person who knew how it was set up.


Dennis Templeton

Dennis Templeton
Institute of Pathology
CWRU School of Medicine
djt2 at

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