Left/right brain integration

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Fri Jan 3 06:51:32 EST 1997

>There's another, but I can't locate it or recall the author: LEFT BRAIN,
>RIGHT BRAIN.  It's OK.  Also a bit out-dated (mid eighties.)

>What scares me is that there are actually people out there--making
>money, winning converts--who are selling "brain-dominance" instruments
>to major corporations, when they are simply ludicrous in their

>Don't hesitate to contact me if you want further information.

>Dr. Martine J. RoBards

I think the book Dr RoBards is referring to is :
Springer, S.P., & Deutsch, G. "Left brain, right brain (rev. ed.)" San
Francisco: Freeman, 1985

-Ian Smith ( C. HE.)

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