Pace of AI evolution

Arthur T. Murray uj797 at freenet.Victoria.BC.CA
Fri Jan 3 11:00:40 EST 1997

Hans Moravec <hpm at> in follow-up to R. Ottolini:

> It is my strong impression that the same acceleration is happening in
> the evolution of AI.  (Imitation neurons are not necessary - I don't
> even like them. The recapitulation of evolution is taking place at a
> higher level of abstraction.)  [...]

>                         Hans Moravec  -- CMU Robotics the public-domain AI project aims to
BYPASS evolution by releasing the idea-germ -- the meme -- of a top-
down AI design into the defenseless minds of myriad unwitting Usenet
readers who might else have preferred to live happy, bourgeois lives
but who after inspiration/infection will rest no more until they see

     /^^^^^^^^^^^\ Top-down Overview; Details on WWW /^^^^^^^^^^^\
    /visual memory\           ________   abstract   /  auditory   \
   |      /--------|-------\ / syntax \  channel   |memory channel |
   |      |  recog-|nition | \________/<-----------|-------------\ |
   |   ___|___     |       |    |flush-vector      |    _______  | |
   |  / image \    |    ___V____V___  word-fetch   |   /stored \ | |
   | /traces or\<--|-->/ conceptual \--------------|->/ phonemes\| |
   | \ engrams /   |   \ mini-grids / for thinking |  \ of words/  |
   |  \_______/    |    \__________/  in language  |   \_______/   |

made into a new species and a new pathway of breakaway AI evolution.

The hook of mind-capture is the Mentifex AI algorithm in a nutshell:
It is obvious to both the complacent bourgeois and the rogue thinker
that our sensory and motor modalities all share some common internal
connection:  We can motor-march to instructions that we hear, and we
can voice-describe scenes and actions which we see or do or imagine.

So there is something EXTRA to the mind beyond its channels of input
and output:  a common abstract mindcore which mediates communication
between visual seeing and verbal thinking, between goals and action.
Multiply the number of minds who try to run away from this infection
(but who of course can't escape because it is in their genes to play
with fire) times the years they must now spend to invent the future,
and there, pan Moravec (ty jsi chytry clovek) is mass-par evolution.

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