Urgent: Radiologist Needed

mag mag at sover.net
Fri Jan 3 18:15:44 EST 1997

Dear people,
I have a good friend with breast cancer who is searching for a licensed 
radiologist who would be willing to act as an expert witness in a 
lawsuit. Excellent compensation will be provided for reports and/or 
court appearance if necessary. Travel expenses will be covered as well. 
She lives in northern Vermont, but the radiologist can be from anywhere.
        If anyone can help out with a name, address, or phone number she 
would be
most appreciative. Thanks!
        You can reach Carolyn  at:  (908)-832-5000.
	Or:	c/o Jennifer		Or:	Carolyn
		4 Tamarack Lane			Box 75
		Califon, N.J. 07830		West Burke, VT 05871

Or, email me and I’ll forward it:	mag at sover.net

See attachment for additional info.
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