Epilepsy and Migraines: a theory

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Sat Jan 4 17:47:02 EST 1997

phis at sprynet.com (James Howard) wrote:

>I suggest migraines result from low MLT and 
>increased DHEA.  Women produce more DHEA 
>from birth than men.  This extra DHEA should have 
>most effect on migraines prior to the onset of 
>interfering sex hormones, before puberty.  It has been 
>found that "when the onset [of migraines] is below 
>the age of puberty there is a striking predominance of 
>women over men in a ratio of 3:1," (Headache 1994; 
>34: S8).  
>I have read that headaches occur when blood vessels 
>in the brain constrict.  Since I have suggested 
>elsewhere that I think DHEA stimulates constriction 
>of blood vessels and increases blood pressure, I 
>suggest increased DHEA causes the constriction of 
>blood vessels in migraine headaches.  Constricting 
>blood vessels and reduced blood flow is 
>characteristic in migraines.  "The transient neuronal 
>excitatory wave is followed by a longer lasting 
>‘depressive’ wave, which involves a substantial 
>reduction in cortical blood flow (with an active 
>constriction of resistance vessels) and ionic changes 
>and transmitter release into the extracellular fluid 
>compartment." (Cephalalgia 1992; 12: 75). 
>James Howard

[Many snips in above passage].

My sister has been given "Imitrex" (Sumatriptan succinate) for a third, disabling migraine.
The FAQ in the booklet for Imitrex says :
"Imitrex connects w/certain receptors near the blood vessel wall and causes  some of thee
blood vessels to constrict...When Imitrex connects to its receptors, it 'unlocks' the door
of the cell. This causes a chain of events that lead to blood vessel constriction (narrowing)."

There's a contradiction here.I don't trust their "explanation" :
Constriction in the main vessels of the left brain are found in schizophrenics according to
my biopsychology text (I think you can apply the  misalignment of  MLT and the  lack of PRL
release directly to the onset of schizophrenia).

Is there any info on sumatriptan succinate ?
Thanks muchly,

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