Increase the surface tension of water
Mon Jan 6 04:39:11 EST 1997

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>Hi, I am now doing a research project in class on "how to increase to
>surface tension of water"  The water is just the ordinary water from the
>tap that we use in our daily life.  If anyone realize the answer of possess
>any information please help me out of it.  Thank you

You need to dry out the upper layer (known scientifically as its
"skin"), which will result in it being thickened, and strengthened.

Most modern labs, interestingly enough, use a common hair dryer -- but
if you decide to try this method, make sure you don't *stand* in the
water, and make sure you keep the heat on a *very* low setting; a
blast of warm air will actually melt the skin layer (its melting point
is quite low) and allow the wet water below to evaporate!

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