spastic contracture of the inferior limbs muscles in spastic quadriparesis

Leslie E. Packer, PhD lpacker at
Mon Jan 6 01:07:50 EST 1997

Dr. Lonardo:

I'm a rehab psychologist who works with patients who have residual
spastic paresis secondary to traumatic SCI, brain injury, etc.   In my
experience, I have worked with a number of quadriparetic patients who
benefitted from trials of baclofen in conjunction with TENS and
ranging.   Conservative approaches such as making adjustments to the
patient's cushions and posture in their wheelchair are also often
helpful.  If the spasticity is severe, however,  other procedures such
as phenol injections of the motor branch of the nerve(s)  have been
used, and in even more severe cases, neurectomy or surgical release.

If possible, you might want to contact Mary Ann Keenan, M.D. at:

Albert Einstein Medical Center
5501 Old York Road
Philadelphia, PA 19141-3098

Telephone (215)-456-6051.

I do not know whether Dr. Keenan has an e-mail address.  She does have
a gait analysis laboratory at Moss Rehabilitation Hospital in
Philadelphia, and she has published on some of her surgical and
chemical implant techniques for managing spasticity in spinal
cord-injured patients.  

Good luck to you and your patient.

Leslie E. Packer, PhD

"Red Redgrave" <ugkjh at> wrote:

>All' attenzione di Collega neurologo e/o nurochirurgo
>Paziente di 53 anni operato 16 anni fa per compressione post traumatica
>C6-C7 con esito in iniziale tetraparesi spastica, con buon recupero
>mobilità e funzionalità arti superiori.
>QUESITO : Informazioni su terapia farmacologica o altro per ridurre lo
>stato di contrattura spastica degli arti inferiori, presente costantemente
>nelle 24 ore
>To the attention of Colleague neurologist and/ or neurosurgeon
>A 53 years old patient was operated 16 years ago for  post traumatic
>compression of C6-C7 .
>Post operaratively the patient was affected by initial spastic
>quadriparesis , but subsequently recovered a good mobility and
>functionality of superior limbs.
>QUESTION: Informations are needed about  medical treatament (or alternative
>treatament) in order reduce the spastic contracture of the inferior limbs
>muscles, present throughout the 24 hours
>Dott.  Maria Teresa Lonardo
>Fraste at

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