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>I am a student at James Madison University and would like to find out
>how to approach entering the field of neuropsychology.  Particularly
>I should major in Psychology and then go to grad school or med school
>study the biologics of the field, or to major in bio and then study
>psychologics in grad school.  Any Suggestions?
I tried to post a rather long reply, but  icon was on a very long time
and modem acted strange; don't see it posted.  Don't have energy to
repeat in full, but: various disciplines are engaged in neuropsychology
as a field of research and theory; those who assess patients, i.e.
clinical neuropsychologists, are psychologists--for that you need the
appropriate Ph.D. program.

Call American Psychological Association (directory assistance, Wash.
DC) and ask to be put in touch with Division 40 for programs, proposed
standards for neruropsych training, etc.

Also: International Neuropsychological Society, at
or  ins at

Personal recmmendation: minimum psych to get into program (intro,
experimental, stat; maybe physiological, learning, perception etc.);
much will be repeated first yr in grad school--and updated!

Use most of undergrad time to explore EVERYTHING; but in terms of
specific prep, do what undergrads do well--learn vast amounts of basic
science and math.  Will put you in good position to make most of that
aspect of neuropsych program.

You do not say whether you are interested in research, clinical
practice, or both; probably too soon to know, so prepare for both.

Med school: you would earn more, but be intellectually handicapped
(poor experimental procedure, poor behavior theory, cognitive theory,
etc.)--and disabled for adventurous research (your time wil be too

Frank LeFever
New Hork Neuropsychology Group

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