Each half of the face showing different aspect of personality?

Michael Hucka hucka at eecs.umich.edu
Tue Jan 7 02:34:56 EST 1997

Twice now I've read in magazines that the two halves of a person's face show
differences that are supposedly tied to the person's personality.  The
explanation goes like this: each half of the face is controlled by a
different hemisphere, and since the hemispheres show specializations in
function, the facial halves show differences related to those
specializations.  Thus, you can supposely estimate some personality traits by
alternately covering one or the other half of a face, and evaluating the
result in terms of how happy, sad, etc., that half-face looks.

However, I've never seen references to actual scientific studies of this.

Does anyone know whether there is any truth to the idea, or is it something
that was cooked up by some wishful-thinking pop psychologist?

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