Isn't it lucky?

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Thu Jan 9 02:11:42 EST 1997

>>>>> On 9 Jan 1997, mbrisbane at (Martin Brisbane) wrote:

  mbrisbane> Isn't it amazingly fortunate that every way that the brain can
  mbrisbane> be influenced aperceptually, IE without going through the five
  mbrisbane> senses, is either impossible or unsubtle? Unsubtle meaning, for
  mbrisbane> example, surgically implanting electrodes. Just think if that
  mbrisbane> weren't the case! Surely we'd be a planet of zombies by now!

I won't argue with the last sentence, but as to "subtle" manipulations of the
brain, I think there are many ways to do it without going through the 5
senses.  Chemical means are probably the most obvious; foods and drugs can
cause subtle changes in various aspects of brain and behavior, and most
people probably wouldn't consider such manipulations "perceptual".

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