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> >I think there are many ways to do it without going through the 5
> >senses.  Chemical means are probably the most obvious; foods and drugs can
> >cause subtle changes in various aspects of brain and behavior, and most
> >people probably wouldn't consider such manipulations "perceptual".
> This is extremely interesting.  Can you give some examples of changes
> in brain and behavior resulting from foods or drugs that aren't
> detected by the senses (I'm assuming that by 'brain and behavior' you
> mean responses by systems within the brain to stimuli, and other
> similar responses in other organs or organ systems)?  

He means that the manipulations are not carried out by delivering
information to the senses. "Aperceptual" manipulation is not necessarily
_non-perceivable_, nor does it imply that changes in perception will not
take place. It's just that once the manipulation is perceived, it's too
late to resist...

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