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If you really want to make sure your neuropsych matches your fMRI in
sophistication, don't leave England without learning all you can from
Elizabeth Warrington and Barbara Wilson!

If you CAN leave England, you might consider a new facility about 25
miles north of New York City: Center for Advanced Brain Imaging, at
Nathan Kline Institute (Orangeburg).  The HARDWARE is/will be
IMPRESSIVE.  More importantly, for your concerns, Robert Bilder is
Associate Director for Human Brain Research.  He is superbly qualified
as a neuropsychologist.  His special interest (and chief focus at this
facility) is schizophrenia, but this certainly includes memory in this
and other conditions (as well as normal controls).

He continues his involvement in the Clinical Neuropsychology training
program at Hillside Hospital, headed by Bill Barr--he has done a lot
of work in nonverbal memory in temporal lobe epilepsy.

Contact: bilder at

Frank LeFever
New York Neuropsychology Group

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