Increase the surface tension of water

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>>According to my hady-dandy CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics (70th 
>>edition, 1989-1990, CRC Press, USA) the surface tension of "pure" water 
>>against air at 20 degrees C is 72.75 dynes/cm.  
>        Would dynes/cm be some sort of ancient measurement?

Yes, it's actually dyn/cm and expressed in the "cgs" (centimeter,
gram, second) system, a competitor to the "SI" system, where the
latter is also called "mksA" (meter, kilogram, second, Ampere) system.

>        Does it have any relationship to Newtons/metre????

Yes :-). But I don't know it by heart, just some ten's exponent.
If you express force in the mentioned basic units you can derive it

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