Visa card for grants accounting??

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>Interestingly, we were not asked to sign such an affidavit. Such an
>affidavit does seem short-sighted.
>We do not accept email or Web based orders in general. We are still
>responsible for collection, even if paid through a credit card. The
>person from the credit card company who set things up for us repeated
>this point four or five times.

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It turns out that it is Bank of America that is imposing the
prohibition on email and web-based transactions, rather than VISA. 
Indeed, VISA does not have any such problem with electronic
transactions. Bank of America, on the other hand, has a problem with
everything: cash, checks, credit cards, dogs, Thursdays, sun spots, and
so on.  It is a tribute to inertia that they remain in business. 


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