Postdoc position/Electrophysiologist

Dr.Ding Ming ming at MSVAX.MSSM.EDU
Sun Jan 12 12:08:19 EST 1997

Position available immediately to study the taste-specific G protein
gustducin and its role in taste transduction (Nature 381: 796, 1996;
Nature 376: 80, 1995; Nature 376: 85, 1995; Nature 357: 563, 1992).
Projects involve whole nerve, single fiber and single cell recording from
transgenic mice expressing seven transmembrane-helix receptors and mutant
forms of gustducin.  Strong background in electrophysiology and small
animal surgery required, experience with nerve recording, single cell
electrophysiology and sensory transduction desirable.  Send curriculum
vitae, names andaddresses of three references and a statement of research
interests to:

Robert F. Margolskee,
Department of Physiology and Biophysics,
The Mount Sinai School of Medicine,
Box 1218, One Gustave L. Levy Place, New York, NY
10029. Fax: 212 860 3369, email: Margolskee at MSVAX.MSSM.EDU

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