3$ Web Publishing warning

James Woodson jwoodson at ucla.edu
Tue Jan 14 12:43:10 EST 1997

FYI, several real journals are now considering web submissions as
previously published, and then won't touch the stuff.  Just a thought.

James Woodson* (jwoodson at ucla.edu)
Dept. of Psychology - Behavioral Neuroscience
University of California at Los Angeles
405 Hilgard Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90095

 "Rejection [of the idea that mental events have no locus] by
common sense, for whatever reason, proves nothing.  Other fields of
science are built on propositions that may seem absurd but in fact are
true.  (Air is heavy, has weight?  Water is made up of two gases? The
continents are adrift in the oceans?)"
               Donald O. Hebb, 1980

*Research in Learned Helplessness, Adenosine,
 Anatomical Sex Differences in the Brain (SDN-POA), and Sexual Motivation

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