gender differences and science

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Wed Jan 15 18:18:01 EST 1997

> I am taking a gender class at my law school and would like your opinion on
> the issue of whether or not some behavioral differences and some
> differences in interests between men and women are the result of biology
> and not merely of socialization and culturalization.  Please provide me
> with any data, study, or site to articles which supports or refutes this. 
> Please e-mail me with the information at bttran at  I thank
> you in advance for your assistance.

The main differences in the male and female brains are in the hypothalamus
(with production of different hormones and different amounts of similar
hormones) and the splenium of the corpus callosum (it's more bulbous in
females which implicates more interdiscipline communication between both 
hemispheres). I just did a similar project with a gender differences
expert.  The debate ranged from evolutionary (i.e. biological) differences
to socialized differences to no differences (which was very difficult to

If you have any questions about the brain differences, I consulted a text
by Beatty entitled "Behavioral Neuroscience" or something very similar to

Bethany Boland

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