Resolution of human eye?

Douglas Fitts dfitts at
Fri Jan 17 01:45:38 EST 1997

ericsson at writes:

>question came up: What is the resolution of the human eye? This is what
>will finally limit the useful resolution (at the desired output
>magnification). This would be determined by the number of light sensitive
>cells per unit area of retina and the closest point you can hold an object
>to your eyes, and still focus (which will vary with age).

I'll leave the first question to those who know.

I question your assumption that the resolution of the human eye will limit
resolution of a camera, unless you *always* know before hand what your
desired output magnification *is*.

In the techno-spy thrillers there's always the computer jock who takes a
photo and enhances the resolution to catch the license plate number off
the reflection in the picture window in the butcher's shop.

It's comforting to know that our raw data can be oversampled so finer
levels of analysis can be sought if needed.  Computer storage is not free,
but then neither is rerunning the experiment.  If at some point you decide
you don't need the extra info, you can sample the data and keep a reduced
data set.


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