Each half of the face showing different aspect of personality?

Ron Blue rcb1 at LEX.LCCC.EDU
Mon Jan 20 09:05:42 EST 1997

On 7 Jan 1997, Michael Hucka wrote:
> Twice now I've read in magazines that the two halves of a person's face show
> differences that are supposedly tied to the person's personality.  The
> explanation goes like this: each half of the face is controlled by a
> different hemisphere, and since the hemispheres show specializations in
> function, the facial halves show differences related to those
> specializations.  Thus, you can supposely estimate some personality traits by
> alternately covering one or the other half of a face, and evaluating the
> result in terms of how happy, sad, etc., that half-face looks.
> However, I've never seen references to actual scientific studies of this.
> Does anyone know whether there is any truth to the idea, or is it something
> that was cooked up by some wishful-thinking pop psychologist?
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Why don't you check it out for your self.  Take any picture an a small
mirror an position the mirror so that the refection makes the other half
into a complete picture.  Do you see any difference.  Most people do.
Ron Blue

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