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> messager at (Sophie Messager) writes:
> >phis at (James Howard) wrote:
> >>I recently had the occasion 
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> ..........>>of melatonin should releive daytime fatigue and sleepiness.
> >>
> >What you describes seems to me to be a typical placebo effect !!! I am 
> >currently completing my PhD on the effect of melatonin on reproduction. I 
> >known this hormone very well, and I can say that melatonin is a hypnotic 
> >hormone.
> [rest deleted]
> Hi,
> I'm quite ready to believe it's a placebo effect, but melatonin did
> help me with my daytime drowsiness quite significantly.  Could it
> be that  there are good and less good placebos and that their effect
> is partly due to the "non-placebo" side of them?
> Greetings, A.R.Friedels3e0101 at
No, it is more likely simple opponent-process.  Ron Blue

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