Q: Sleepy leg

Alan Fried albe at worldnet.att.net
Thu Jan 23 18:49:48 EST 1997

censeb at natlab.research.philips.com (Barry Cense) wrote:


>1) What exactly causes the 'sleeping leg' effect? This can happen when your 
>leg is in a strange position. It feels not so good. Is it because of a stop 
>of blood supply to the legs or are there some nerves that stop transmitting 
>(or is it something else)?

>2) Is it dangerous?

Easy explanation!!! It can happen the upper extremity as well. You just clamp down on one of the major arteries and stop the
flow of blood to the l;eg. Then you begin walking and it goes away. Not dangerous if you do not have compromised circulatory
problems in which case I would avoid those positions which causes the legs to fall asleep.

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