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Scott L. Schofield sl.schofield at
Sat Jan 25 14:12:05 EST 1997

Dear Richard,

I am SO happy that you jumped in and pointed out the
alternative perspectives that some of us have on the
nature of "intelligence".

I only continued to use this word within the same context of
the previous post to be able to demonstrate a model.  My
own personal concept of "intelligence" was not represented.

I like yours much better.

I look forward to reading lots more stuff from you.



Richard Hall <rhall at> wrote in article
> rlh reply:
> Good points Scott.
> However,
> The glittering technologies at our disposal allow our "intellect" greater
> range of expression and failure to master those resources may be a form
> natural selection under any number of conditions.  Unfortunately, we
> even be certain that intellect is predominantly an inherited
> characteristic.  And unless the greater mass of humanity "steps" aside,
> is still unlikely that gifted technocrats will find immortality by
> dominating the human gene pool.  Selection is not preordained, but it is
> shaped by history.  And history has not been kind to extremes in
> or stupidity.  My horoscope tells me so ;-(.
> From another perspective:
> The human mind is facile and agile, but mastery of new challenges does
> compell a need for increased intellectual ability.  As I pound the
> of my Mac trying to interface my old worn preamplifiers and stimulus
> isolation units to create instrumentation for a neurosciences laboratory,
> still cannot get my VCR to record the X-Files. Had I children perhaps
> would handle the VCR end of things, but more likely they would tape
> something else just to tick me these days.
> Maybe if I were smart enough to use a PentiumPC, things would be
> If anyone wants the movie rights to my life they will have to pay my
> mastercard bill first.
> The more things change, the more they stay the same.
> rlh
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