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"Scott L. Schofield" <sl.schofield at> enunciated:

>Dear Richard,

>I am SO happy that you jumped in and pointed out the
>alternative perspectives that some of us have on the
>nature of "intelligence".

>I only continued to use this word within the same context of
>the previous post to be able to demonstrate a model.  My
>own personal concept of "intelligence" was not represented.

>I like yours much better.

>I look forward to reading lots more stuff from you.

"Scott L. Schofield":Previously Posted:

Actually, there may be selective pressure for more intelligence.
The technological revolution requires that people become more and
more educated / skilled just to get the jobs that will put food in
their bellies and a roof over their heads. It is now very
competitive and I see it becoming more so. Those who can't compete
will be at a disadvantage to successfully raise the average number
of offspring who are healthy and educated enough to themselves

Have you noticed the comments by Bill Gates recently that he "gets
smarter everyday"...?  This is misconstruing knowledge with what uses
it.  What really bothers me is the position of people like Gates who
make off the cuff comments that are as rediculous as that. I agree
with your assessment of the difficulty of the potential split amongst
educated and non-educated but hasn't that always been the case? Would
not the point then be an incentive?

"Scott L. Schofield":
The question is really whether there will exist selective pressure
against the less intelligent. I hope not. In the United States, our
social programs are designed so as to prevent this. As long as we
are willing to continue to listen to the moral conscience
genetically hard-coded into our altruistic minds, I imagine we will
remain stuck.

I fully agree. Well posted.

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