Head trauma: mild vs. severe

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>>If you've seen my posting "Good days/bad days...", you know I am
>>interested in day-to-day variability of symptoms after MILD head
>>(postconcussion syndrome), and several other conditions.
>>TODAY'S posting is a query addressed to ANYONE with personal or
>>professional experience with head trauma--i.e., patients, family
>>members, physicians, therapists, neuropsychologists,, etc., etc.
>>There is the IMPRESSION that people surviving moderate or severe head
>>trauma do not have the same complaints as those with MILD trauma:
>>lethargy, mental fatigue, poor concentration, headaches, etc.
>>Is such a paradox true, or is it simply that people with severe
>>are (1) not very good at self-report, or (2) have other problems that
>>are so significant and troublesome that they can hardly bother with
>>these "subtler" and "subjective" problems?
>>I welcome all observations and opinions.
>>(P.S. if you have observed marked day-to-day variability in a
>>patient with SEVERE injury--yourself or any one else--I'd be
>>in including you in the "mild injury" study)
>>Frank LeFever
>>New York Neuropsychology Group

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