Mental Health Metasearch

Ian Pitchford I_Pitchford at MSN.COM
Sun Jan 26 08:44:18 EST 1997

Online Dictionary of Mental Health

You can now search all of the major mental health 
resources on the World Wide Web from one page;
connect to all 857 psychology, psychiatry, 
neuroscience and social science journals and journal
search engines; locate mental health texts, search
for a colleague, a quotation, an electronic book, define
a word, find a synonym, consult an electronic 
biography or connect to all of the major Internet 
search engines:

The Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies, University
of Sheffield is pleased to announce the availability
of Mental Health Metasearch at:

For journals and general reference resources
follow the links from the Metasearch page!


Ian Pitchford - Ian.Pitchford at
Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies
University of Sheffield
16 Claremont Crescent

The World's First and Largest Mental Health
Cyberorganization: includes search
engine and auto-subscription to fifty professional
mental health conferences serving ten thousand 
members world-wide.

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