stains for use in vivo

Thomas Donaldson thomasd at
Mon Jan 27 01:54:52 EST 1997

Hi! A bit more about what I want: the kind of stain does not matter, so
long as it can be given to a live animal for tracing a neuron in the 
animal's brain (somatic neurons ie. to muscles aren't enough). Ideally
it should somehow bind to the neural membrane or some protein (normally
there or introduced) in the neural membrane. Immunostains are fine.
It should not show ALL neurons; if it can be injected into one, that is
fine. Put succinctly, the ideal stain would act like a Golgi stain but
allow the neuron to keep working for at least half an hour, and not 
disturb the animal during that time. 

I may be reached at 

			thomasd at

and in case you want to know my name, it is: Thomas Donaldson

			Thanks very much,

				Thomas Donaldson


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