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Alvin M. Revzin wrote:
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> >Do you think there might be a link between these steroids (that are
> >successfully making the cattle big quickly), and the increase in human
> >obesity that seems to have taken place over the last 30 years - about
> >the time that the steroids have been in use.
> Link is not likely, the absorbed dose is far too low. Also, obesity does
> not seem to be among the effects of anabolic steroid administration to
> humans,  as in professional football.
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> Al Revzin
 Possibly it has to do with the use of aspartam in foods. I have heard
it has the effect of raising the baseline of the brains perception of
carbohydrate intake, thus over time one would crave more carbohydrate. I
have noiced a well know diet plan ,that has slowly modified its content
to increase the the carb. levels, I don't beleive tjis was for purely
economic reasons. Its would seem to be kind an addiction process.
 I don'yt know the ins and outs of this, but it seems to have some
validity in terms of the biochemistry of the substance. J.

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