New Scientist Piece Reviewed

Alan Batchelor qp35 at
Tue Jan 28 02:16:34 EST 1997

Richard Hall wrote:
: And unless the greater mass of humanity "steps" aside, it
: is still unlikely that gifted technocrats will find immortality by
: dominating the human gene pool.  Selection is not preordained, but it
> : is shaped by history. 
: I still cannot get my VCR to record the X-Files. Had I children
perhaps : they would handle the VCR end of things (snip)
Some would say that not being able to record the X-files is a defensive
mechanism, not necessarily related to intelligence ... :-)
More seriously, *if* intelligence is genetically determined, we are more
likely to see any selection-influenced changes in the Third World than
in the US or on my side of the pond. We may have the technology, but we
don't represent the human race. Our low birth-rates will see to that.
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