Each half of the face showing different aspect of personality?

Stephen R. Berlant berlant at bellatlantic.net
Wed Jan 29 07:14:59 EST 1997

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>> Oh! By the way.  The face we see in the mirror is not what others see.
>> The change is related to beauty.   So a beautiful woman may not see
>> her self a beautiful.  My daughter Allie look almost the same in the 
>> mirror.  Ron
>So would this be like if if you saw yourself  in the mirror and thought
>you knew what you were talking about, but noone else did?

Funny. I never thought i'd find any real philosophical discussions in this 
NG :)

But i'm glad i did; because. when i talk to myself in the mirror, its almost 
as if i know what i was going to say before i even say it. The problem i have 
with these conversations, though, is that i never really tell myself anything 
i don't already know. And, this gets boring after several hours. OTOH, i enjoy 
these conversations alot [SIC], because i'm the only person i can talk to that 
really understands me. 

i don't know. Does anybody understand what i'm trying to say. If you do, would 
you please let me know, 'cause i'd like to publish some more -- ya' know -- to 
build up my resume. :)


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