stomach shrinkage following dieting

clarkb at clarkb at
Wed Jan 29 02:04:07 EST 1997

I once read that it is a myth that the stomach shrinks following prolonged
dieting. The idea is that the feeling of fullness that one has following a
big meal is nothing but a perception that the brain uses to keep you from
eating too much. In other words, the stomach isn't really "filled up", you just
feel like it is. Following a period of lower food intake, the theory goes, the
appetite regulator in the brain gets set to a lower threshold (a sort of
resetting of the biochemical thermostat in the food regulation feedback loop).
Could anyone confirm that this is the case and perhaps give some more details
of the mechanism? A skeptical wrestling coach doubts this theory, but I'm sure
that I did not dream up this idea.

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