New Scientist Piece Reviewed:Limit to Brain Size

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Fri Jan 31 21:27:37 EST 1997

"\"Uncle Al\" Schwartz" <UncleAl0 at> enunciated:

>Claudo de Contrecoeur* wrote:
>> >From New Scientist:         My comments are not indented.
>> >
>> >              [P L A N E T   S C I E N C E]
>> >
>> >         End of the road for brain evolution
>> This is quite interesting reading as I often wondered what is the
>> ultimate size a brain could reach and still work properly.

> [huge and merciful snip]

>Start by considering the greasy grey blob of skull pudding filling a 
>blue whale's skull.  Is that big enough for you?

>Blue whales are herbivores.  How much intelligence does it take to
>filter feed?  

>Rats have brains the size of blueberries.  Rats vs whales, my money is
>on the rats.

What bank do you use, we want to make sure the winnings are debited to
the correct account.....;-)

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