stomach shrinkage following dieting

Madhusudan Natarajan nutty at brain
Thu Jan 30 00:37:12 EST 1997

arent there stretch receptors in the stomach that actually determine the 
satiety of a person? (thus volume filling accounts for hunger 
satisfaction rather than nourishment value on a short term basis. Thus 
drinking excess water can often reduce the pangs of hunger temporarily). 
The stretch receptors are quite similar to say the receptors in the 
carotid arch accounting for the baroreceptor reflex (or some part of 
thatre flex). The barorecetor reflex can be adjusted or accomodated with 
increased or decreased volumes over a long term period. On analogous 
reasoning, there seems to be no reason to disbelieve that the stretch 
receptors in the stomach can be reset.

Just my 0.02 worth. I could be totally off.

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