NaCl by NMR

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I missed the original post, so excuse me for piggy-backing.
Could the original poster please give the source for the paper using NMR
to measure brain NaCl concentration?  I'd like to see it.


Doug Fitts

rcb5 at MSN.COM ("Ronald Blue") writes:

>Interesting question.  Na+ may be related to the frequency of 
>neurotransmission by slowing
>down the timing of the EP.  So Magnetic Imagining using the radio frequencies 
>of sodium
>would be very useful.  I do not know if has been done or can be done.
>Ron Blue
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>Just been reading a paper which describes the measurement of NaCl
>concentrations in the brain by NMR. Has anyone had experience in such
>research or could perhaps point me in the direction of someone who has?
>I'm interested in measuring NaCl concentrations in the lung and think
>that this technique could be of help.

>please e' me direct

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