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          World Arnold-Chiari Brain Malformation Association (WACMA)
                           31 Newtown Woods Road,
                               Newtown Square
                           PHILADELPHIA, PA 19073
                          UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
                Home Page:
                Email:      mailto:worldacm at

     Free, non-profit Support Group for ACM and Syringomyelia patients
    and source of updated information for Doctors and Neuro-scientists.
       (with ASAP Inc., Duke University CSIND and NIH/NINDS support)
            American Syringomyelia Alliance Project (ASAP, Inc.)
                      ANNUAL ASAP CONFERENCE - ASAP'97
           Thursday Jul 31 - Friday Aug 1 - Saturday Aug 2, 1997
                    Greenwood Inn, 10700 SW Allen Blvd.
                        BEAVERTON, Oregon 97005 USA
                800-289-1300 or 503-643-7444 (outside of US)
   Registration Fee: $55.00 per adult or $50.00 per adult for two or more
    sharing a room, $25.00 per child (14 yrs and under). These fees will
   cover the Danish break(s), Friday Aug 1st lunch, the Saturday banquet
                       meal, workshop, and lectures.
      Send to: ASAP, Inc. - P.O.Box 1586 - Longview, TX 75606-1586 USA
   Contact the hotel directly to make your room reservations room charges
      and meals, except those stated will be your responsibility. For
    Registration Form and more information contact Ms. Patricia Williams
      at 903-236-7079 or click the link below (e-mail to Ms. Williams)
         WACMA: WorldACM-General (for patients/parents) Mailing List
         (if you are a Medical Professional, subscribe WorldACM-Pro)
               A message from Darlene Long, WACMA President:
     There is now an official mailing list associated with the World ACM
     Association for discussion of ACM and related issues and patient
     concerns. Managed by the WACMA executive, this group can provide a
     wealth of information and support for those suffering from ACM,
     their families, as well as medical professionals who are interested
     in this condition.
     When you subscribe to this list, you will receive information on
     how to post comments as well as how to download the archived
     information. You will find that there are many others struggling
     with this condition and many who are involved in research to gain
     better understanding of this complex disease.
     To join the WorldACM-General Mailing List:
     Send a message to:   listserv at
     Leave the subject blank. In the message body write only the
     following: subscribe digest

     Digest format: only 1 message/day (30 messages/month)
     A LISTSERV program (not a human person) will subscribe you
     automatically. Please note: LISTSERV, not LISTSERVE.
     If you want to unsubscribe from this list, send a message to:
     listserv at
     Leave the subject blank. In the message body write only the
     following: unsubscribe digest

             Arnold-Chiari/Syringomyelia REAL-TIME CHAT on IRC:
         Nearly every day (2PM : 4PM and 8PM : 11PM, EASTERN TIME)
       Channel: #chiari (remember: /join #chiari and /join #syringo)
                with mIRC, PIRCH, or other major IRC clients
                       at EFNet, DalNet and UnderNet.
       You can learn about IRC-CHAT here: [96]

Thank you for your interest,
email (questions, suggestions, reports, etc.) is always welcome.

John A. MacDonald, Ph.D.
mailto:worldacm at

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