structure of an instinct

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Let me recommend studies by several old professors of mine (at City
College, NYU, and Museum of Natural Hisory  in NYC): T.C.Schneirla,
Daniel Lehrman, Jay Rosenblatt, and Ethel Tobach.  You should include
sources 40 yrs old in your literature search--only Jay and Ethel are
still alive and publishing.

This group has tried to see how minimal genetically-determined
tendencies might interact with prenatal and postnatal interactions with
the organism's environment in gradual development of what we eventually
recognize (when developed enough) as "instinctive" or species-specific

Frank LeFever
New York Neuropsychology Group

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>Bradley Monroe Cooke wrote:
>> Hello all.
>> I'm interested in instincts, innate perceptual biases and their
basis in
>> the brain. How does one begin to discern the computational rules and
>> structures that underlie these abilities? Can these qualities be
>> through developmental neurobiology? I'm particularly interested in
>> neural origins of sexual attraction and orientation.
>> --
>> bradley cooke
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>>                  --Robert Hunter
>I'm interested in instincts, too. I'm particularly interested in the
>neural basis of the evolution of social behaviors of insects,
>I think that we can disthern those qualities which you mentioned by
>developmental neurobiology, and we can discern the principle which
>rise to society.
>Yusuke Uchiyama

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