infant depression

Laura J Miller ljmiller at
Sun Jul 13 22:58:01 EST 1997

A while back, I came across a post in some board or something where an adoptive
family was in the process of losing their
adopted baby.  It broke my heart at the time
because I'd just read Paul Trad's _Infant
Depression_ book.  I emailed the couple but
it was too late-the bio father had taken
the child.  Well, the bio father then
returned the child, and the "adoptive" parents
said that when they first got the child back
(infant/toddler age), he was like a "zombie".
He eventually came to trust again, but now
there is another attempt by a biological
relative to take the baby back.

My question to you is-is there anyone out
there who is knowledgeable about the field
of which Paul Trad (who recently passed
away) wrote-namely infant depression and
the importance of attachment etc that
would be willing to get involved?

I am just a bystander-I don't know these
people; have never met them.  However,
I believe passionately that what we learn
in science must be used to better human
life-it does no good to be hidden away
in some book, known only to those in the
field of research.  I'd like to think 
that this is true of scientists in general,
and maybe this is a subject for another

You can email me directly, or post here.
Thanks so much!

Med Neuro grad student and idealist

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