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On 18 Jul 1997, Alonzo Ross wrote:

GGF is certainly a glial growth factor, so is PDGF, platelet derived growh
factor, mitotic inhibitor?  Try aphidicolin, proven in our lab to inhibit
glial proliferation without affecting other functions such as migration!

Good luck

> There is GGF (glial growth factor), although it certainly has effects
> on other cells types and other names (neuregulin, etc.). It is a
> consistent finding that Nature does not use a single factor for a
> single job. Rather, it has one effect on glial cells, one effect on
> stem cells, etc.
> Alonzo Ross
> >Hey, does anybody know of a mitogen specific to glial cells, other than
> >basic FGF? ALso, if anyone knows of a glial mitosis inhibitor, please let
> >me know!
> >
> >-mako voelkel
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