New program to keep track of your experiments (Preader 1.9 rev 5 freeware)

Lars Thomsen lthomsen at
Sun Jul 20 03:08:05 EST 1997

I have just made a new revision of Preader version 1.9 (revision 5)

The program has been split in 3 parts all available in one zipped file
containing the installation program :

Preader19.exe (imports and plots PClamp and Axotape files)
(we are working on the curvefitting, so it doesnt do much analysis yet,
but for examination of your data it is an excellent tool. The graph
object is really good)

Pbase.exe, a database program containing databases for following tables
Physiological data, PCR experiments, PCR setup, RT setup, Taq setup,
Solutions, Products, Suppliers, Accounts, References and Reference
The database have numerous features like storage of paths to scanned
files and display of them. Several of the tables are connected together
with lookup functions. All windows contains overviews of the datatable
via a database grid.
Main page :

Sub pages

Mail me to get the password for the zipped file (8.8 MB)

Best Regards
Lars Thomsen

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