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MED: Pycnogenol Treatment

wallys-world at juno.com wallys-world at juno.com
Sun Jun 8 20:02:57 EST 1997

In article
> I use pycnogenol, 100mg/day in four divided doses.  I thought last year
> when I started taking it that it was helping with brain fog and energy.
> Either I am generally worse, or the effect is wearing off.  I may go off
> the pycnogenol and try doubling my CoQ10 dose, which has helped in the
> past.  However, I certainly did not notice any bad side effects from
> pycnogenol.  I guess this is a mixed review.
> Eric J. Anderson, Ankeny, Iowa



I would try MSM and Synanox.

I buy mine from a mail order wholesale company called TLC International
in California.

It’s a very good source. They have capsules 500mg MSM plus 100mg organic
vitamin C. 120 capsules for $19.50.

They also have the best price on pinebark/grapeseed extract called
Synanox.. Synanox is 110mg of (92-95%Proanthocyanidin Content) plus 200x
Aloe Vera extract in each capsule. Synanox has 60 capsules in a bottle.
Synanox is up to five times stronger than PYCNOGENOL® and is priced as
low as $16.50 per bottle in cases of 12. This beats PYCNOGENOL® in both
price and strength. Most of the doctors that I know in town that used to
buy PYCNOGENOL® are now buying this because it is the same plant nutrient
as PYCNOGENOL® ( Proanthocyanidin) at a fraction of the cost of
PYCNOGENOL®. This gets excellent reviews by users just as PYCNOGENOL®
does. The biggest difference is that most people can financially afford
to keep using this long term. Several years ago I used to market
PYCNOGENOL® and I found that the average person could not afford to keep
using PYCNOGENOL® long term. I use Synanox and it gets super results just
as I did with PYCNOGENOL®  (The difference is I have enough money left
over to buy some MSM and take my wife out to dinner.)

I use both products together and it is awesome! This may be the answer to
your nutritional question and save you money as well!

Procurement: West coast time call 1-800-919-5999. Please tell them you
were referred by Wally #935 as they pay a 10% commission for customer
referrals. If you like you can possibly speak to the owner of TLC, Mr.
Gregory. He knows lots about nutrition.

Hope this helps,

“wallys-world at juno.com”

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