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F. Frank LeFever flefever at ix.netcom.com
Mon Jun 9 20:57:51 EST 1997

In <339729FD.708D at asde.xxx> us <krhodes at asde.xxx> writes: 
>Shaw Green wrote:
>> Hi
>>   I wonder if anyone would be able to help me in a little project of
>> mine. I wish to construct a search engine with a neurlogical
>>  (I know their already is one). Part of what I need to do is come
>> up with a list of around 30 different identifiable brain areas
>> Some obvious ones seem
>> Amygdala
>> Hippocampus
>> Thalamus
>> HypoThalamus
>> Cerebellum
>> Brain Stem
>> Motor Cortex
>> Visual Cortex
>> Somatic Cortex
>> would anyone be able to add to this list or have a better way of
>> splitting the available research material up ?
>> cheers
>> Shaw
>Some categorization - setting these in related groups - would help it
>make more sense.  You might look at the groupings used in the Whole
>Brain Atlas page of the "top 100 brain areas", 
>	http://www.med.harvard.edu/AANLIB/cases/caseM/case.html
>Keith Rhodes

Not so sure I understand what you are looking for.  Are you expecting
people to search based on an anatomical term rather than a function?  

Anyway, besides "motor cortex" one might list "premotor cortex" and
"supplementary motor cortex".  Visual and somatosensory areas (well,
essentially ALL areas) are further subdivided--different aspects of
somatosensory or visual system in different subdivisions.

a BIG obvious one you left out: "prefrontal cortex" (basic subdivisions
being dorsolateral and orbital).  Howabout "cingulate"?  Different
parts of brainstem?  e.g. "cranial nerves"? "pons"? whatabout
colliculi? (superior, inferior).

My favorite (mainly for the sound; function not really well-studied,
and not likely to get many hits on its website): indusium griseum.
(possibly I've mis-spelled indusium)

Thalamic nuclei listed separately?


And, now that we know it is not just to keep the hemispheres from
sagging: the corpus callosum.

For that matter, commissures generally? (corp. call., ant. comm., post.
comm., hippocampal comm.)  Or long tracts? (internal capsule, fornix,
fasciculus retroflexus, etc.)

Maybe consult an anatomy text?  At least the index?  entries with many
pages listed?

Frank LeFever
New York Neuropsychology Group

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