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Beautiful hallucinations with Valeriana + Lavender

Claude de Contrecoeur cyrano at pasdemerde.touic.comu
Mon Jun 16 07:12:30 EST 1997

Cholinomimetic Hallucinations induced by Valerian and Lavender
essential oils
The intake of a combination of a certain amount of drops of the pure
essential oils of Valeriana officinalis and Lavandula essential oils
led to the appearance,after about 40 minutes,of remarkable
cholinergic-like hallucinations observed in complete darkness,together
with some stimulation  subjectively reminding pilocarpine induced

Valerian essential oil contains:Valerenic
acid,valenol,a-pinene,bornyle isovaleriate,camphene,a-terpineol.

Lavender(Lavendula) essential oil contains:Linalol,geraniol,linalyle

The dosage of the above combination was about:20 standard drops of
Valerian together with 20 standard drops of Lavendula

Description of the hallucinations
What is remarkable is that the hallucinations induced by this Valerian
and Lavendula combination differ,completely,with those hallucinations
induced by indolalkylamines and resemble more those hallucinations
induced by anti-cholinergics without any apparent anti-cholinergic
effect but,contrary,a subjective stimulation effect reminding
pilocarpine which is a cholinomimetic.
These hallucinations are observable only in darkness,as with salvia
What is prominent with those hallucinations is that there is no
phenomenon of rotating informational objects and their exceptional 3
Dimensionality.You see things like if they were totally real objects
in front of you with an amazing clarity.It is like if you could touch
them with your hands! What is also prominent is that they are mostly
static,something seen with anti-cholinergics.
An experiment started like this:

1.Redish coloured objects reminding MDMA subhallucinations.

2.Apparition of  sausage-like and extremely black visual objects very
vividly 3 dimensional.
These objects did not rotate of move in space.They just remained in
their location,as f embedded in a sort of "spatial" jelly.
They would slightly modify and move on spot only.
One of these became transformed into a fish.

2.Then I saw something like a translucent magnificent medusa with many
black dots.
The extraordinary thing was that it stayed completely static,like in
anti-cholinergc hallucinations and beautifully realistic because of
the intense 3 d effects.This medusa-like object was greenish brown

3.Then I saw plants pointing theit tip towards me,again in an
INCREDIBLE 3 d.It looked like if they just really existed in front of
my eyes and that I could touch them.
Again the plants were totally static with only occasiona variations of
the leaves turning in tubular flowers.
Things would change sometimes but slowly,not with the rapidity of
psilocine hallucinations.
The colour of the leaves of these plants,etc,was black green,all
hallucinations appearing af in a semi-darkness.


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