References on Neuro-immuno-endocrinology

Stavros P. Zanos stavrosz at
Thu Jun 19 06:20:22 EST 1997

Starting at September, I will be participating in a NIE research
project, concerning the effects of cytokines in the hypothalamic-
pituitary- gonadal glands axis, and I would like to built a minimal
background on the field, beyond the standard undergraduate level we are
taught in med school. Any introductory or advanced references on this,
would be welcome. I already have a good laboratory background in
biophysics, cellular neurobiology and neurophysiology-neuropharmacology.

Upon receiving an adequate number of replies, I' ll compile a list and
post it to the newsgroup.

Best regards, and thank you in advance.
Stavros Zanos
Depts. of Experimental Physiology and Neuroradiology
Aristotle Univ. School of Medicine
Thessaloniki, Greece

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